Karen H


Our son has been at Abba's House since January 2016.  We are first time parents and were very nervous to leave our son under anyone’s care, but our own, as he was only 4.5months old at the time we needed to place him.  We were enlightened to find such a caring place for him when we came upon Abba's House.  They greeted him with open arms and treated him like he was their own.  We were at ease knowing he would be under the care of such loving individuals and couldn’t have asked for a better home daycare to put him in.  Our son grabs his bag and pulls our arms to take him to daycare in the morning.  He runs to play and greet the staff when he gets there and he is never in a rush to leave at the end of the day.  We now have a second son and are again at ease knowing he will soon receive the same love and care as his brother at Abba's House.  The staff is fun, caring and engage very well with the kids.  Our son is always coming home with new art projects he has completed, he is excited to read at home and his vocabulary continues to grow daily.  We would highly recommend Abba's House to any one of our friends.


Laverne B

 I am the grandmother of 2 of children. They have been at Abba's House since Feb. 21, 2017. We moved here and was recommended to Abba's House. We have been so pleased with the leadership and the care given to our grandchildren since we placed them there. They are always in such a great mood and tell us daily of all the Learning things that they had been taught. Our granddaughter has even at 4 years old been coming home speaking Spanish words that Mrs. Laurie had taught her.  We have peace of mind when our grandchildren are there especially since there are cameras that are available to be viewed all and everyday. Every time we looked at the cameras, which is usually several times a day, all the staff are always actively engaged with all the children. We love Abba's House! 

Vanessa D

 My son has attended Abba's House since he was 6 months old, he is now 2 months short of 3 years old. Abba's House provided my son a safe and loving daycare. Their daycare is full of love and provides children with a family environment. My son is very well rounded and I owe it all to them.  

Jessica T

 I have two beautiful children ages 4 and almost 2. They started child care with Laurie and her wonderful family on February 21st  2017. We had just moved Maryland a week before. I have usually always been a stay at home mom, so the thought of putting them in daycare in a new place that we knew nothing about made me very nervous. The first day we met with Laurie and viewed the daycare my husband, my children, and myself fell in love. She was very sweet and patient, she answered all of our questions and worked with us on everything. She made leaving my children for 12 hours a day as smooth of a transition as possible. I knew every morning when I dropped them off that they would be taken care of.   My daughter, Brooklyn has always been smart, but to see the rate at which she has increased since being at Abba's House astounds me. She has actually spoken Spanish to me. She has brought home so many colors and pictures and things she has learned to make while being there. The thoughtfulness and love they put into these kids everyday amazes me. My son Riley, wouldn't talk when he started with Abba's House.  Now he can say up to 20 words and is very outgoing. All of this has happened in less then 6 months. And I credit most of it to the fantastic ladies at Abba's House. Laurie and her family go above and beyond to make the kids she cares for feel loved and taken care of and safe. The ladies there feel like family to us.  The love and gratitude myself and my family have for Abba's House and the staff there  is endless. 

Claudia C

 The teachers at Abba's House are very professional and friendly. They genuinely care about the children’s physical, emotional and educational well being. The environment is very clean and educationally simulating. The teachers are well-educated, they motivate and promote learning through games, hands on experience, reading, and songs. The educational program is excellent. It is a relief to know that the teachers not only work with my child individually to accomplish goals that are unique to his developmental growth, but also reward him accordingly.  At Abba's House Learning Center, the teachers work in partnership with the parents to make sure their children receive the best customized care. Parents receive a daily report of their child’s activities from the time they arrive to the time they depart. I am very pleased with the care, attention and lessons my son is receiving at Abba's House. This is by far the best family child care out here.